Residents and traffic inspector visit closed cut near Sector 2, Dwarka

By City Spidey
Photo: Supplied
Posted: Jul 05, 2018

Locals and the traffic officials today inspected a closed cut on master plan road number 201 in Dwarka near Celestial Heights Apartments in Sector 2 and Youngsters Apartments in Sector 6. The cut was recently closed down to avoid accidents and traffic chaos.

Today, members of the managing committee of various societies from nearby area discussed the matter with traffic inspector Rajendra Singh and the general secretary of Federation of Cooperative Group Housing Societies (FCGHS), Sudha Sinha, at the spot.


The site visit in progress 


They also discussed a host of other issues such as requirement of signals, management of traffic load, closing down of dangerous cuts.

President of Celestial Heights, Gopal Sethi, said, “We spoke about the difficulties at the signals of Sectors 1, 2, 6, 7 and at the signals near the Bus Depot. He understood the gravity of the situation and agreed to some of our suggestions — one of them is opening of a U-turn for 15-20 seconds at the crossing of sectors 1, 2, 6, 7 on an experimental basis. He also agreed to do better time management at the signal of DTC Depot Chowk.”

The cut was initially closed down temporarily and a traffic official was placed there to observe the situation for a week, and then, the measure was made permanent.

FCGHS general secretary Sinha conceded that closing of the cut was effective in curbing accidents in the area. “It’s a initiative we support — they just need to manage other traffic issues to reduce road chaos in the area.”

Agreeing SK Malik, a resident of Youngsters Apartments, said, “I live at this crossing, and have seen two fatal accidents — plus, there would be a fracas between commuters at the cut every day. Now, the cut is closed and I’ll have to travel a kilometre more to reach my house, but I am still happy.”



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