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No outsider involved in Burari mass suicides, say police

Posted: Jul 05, 2018     By Praveen Dwivedi

The crime branch of Delhi police on Thursday said that there was no outsider involved in the mysterious death of 11 members of Bhatia family in Burari area of the national capital. According to the police, the family was preparing for a religious act which led to the deaths at least 10 days before the incident occurred.

During the relentless investigation by several teams of Delhi police’s crime branch, they examined over 10 CCTV footages installed at different locations outside the house, road, nearby market, restaurants, grocery shops etc.

The CCTV footages revealed that the members of the family on Saturday were busy in gathering wires and other things including meal etc.

“Family did not think that they would die. Instead, they had strong belief that they would emerge stronger after ritualistic hanging,” investigators (police) were of the view after scrutinising several CCTV footages.

The CCTV footages showed that Savita (wife of Bhuvesh) and her daughter Neetu brought as many as five plastic stools which were later used for mass hanging.

At 10.15 pm on Saturday night, the youngest members of the family – Dhurv and Shivam were captured on CCTV cameras carrying electrical wires from the plywood shop. 10 out of 11 family members were found hanging by electrical wires.

The CCTV footages showed that the family members voluntarily followed the instructions mentioned in the registers which were regularly maintained by Lalit, the younger son of Narayni Devi.

According to the police, another person who assisted Lalit on writing notes on registers was 30-year-old Priyanka (Bhuvesh’s daughter) who got engaged on June 17.

The last diary entry was done on June 30 evening (Saturday). The instructions mentioned - “Bhagwan Ka Rasta”, whereas, the last sentence in the diary, written on the day of suicides, read, “Keep water in a cup. When it changes colour, I will appear and save you.”

Step by Step on Saturday (June 30)

At 10 pm, two members of the family - Savita and her daughter Neetu captured carrying stools.

At 10:15 pm Dhurv and Shivam captured with electrical wires.

At 10:40 pm 20 chapatis ordered by the family delivered.

At 10:57 pm Bhuvesh took the dog for a walk

At 11:04 pm Bhuvesh was back in the home with the dog

On Sunday morning (July 1)

At 5:56 am A truck left behind milk cartons but one from the family came out to receive it.

At 7:15 am, a neighbour entered and found the bodies

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