Dwarka leapfrogs in Swachhta Rankings, but the reality stinks!

Posted: Jul 07, 2018     By City Spidey

Recently in a press release, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) claimed that the rank of the area under its jurisdiction moved up from 204 to 32 in Swachhta Rankings in 2018. But one look at the ground reality in Dwarka, and you know what a sham the rankings are!

Overflowing dustbins in the markets, mismanaged dhalaos, poorly implemented waste-management practices are the norms in the sub-city.  

Attesting to the same, president of Ganpati Apartments, KS Bhati, said, “The meaning of sanitation implies proper management of garbage, which I can quite confidently claim doesn’t happen in Dwarka .The dustbins provided by the corporation are not cleaned regularly and they have become a nuisance in public places.”

In big markets like the ones in Sector 12, Sector 4, Sector 5, Sector 10, Sector 6 and in Sector 7 around Ramphal  Chowk such dustbins are a common sight. The situation is the same in smaller markets at Sector 2, 3,6,10,7,12. Now, things are the same at metro stations, with overflowing dustbins at the entrance.

At dhalaos, the segregated waste is to be dumped in two different rooms — the blue and green, as prescribed by the corporation. But far from it, the segregated waste brought to the dhalao is often dumped together.    

Residents claim it’s a shame!

RWA president of Vinayak Apartments, Sector 10, Rakesh Kumar said, “The SDMC lacks efficient resources that understand the basic principles of waste management.” 

To this, president of Akash Ganga Apartments in Sector 6, JC Vashisth, added, “The societies segregate the waste painstakingly only to be mixed in corporation garbage trucks that carry it all to the dhalaos.”

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Yeah it is often seen the waste lying outside on the roads and at quite visible places even if you want to ignore you can’t