Mahalaxmi Apartments want garbage and dry leaves gone

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 07, 2016

Areas around Mahalaxmi Apartments, Sector 2, Dwarka, are lying filthy with scattered garbage over the past few weeks.  

Residents say that South Delhi Municipal Corporation has not been clearing the garbage, leaving streets strewn and reeking of waste.

Santosh Agrawal, joint secretary of the society's managing committee, said, "We have already complained to the area councillor and MLA but nothing has been done yet."

"In addition to that," added Agrawal, "There is the problem of disposing the heaps of dry leaves in the society. Despite complaints, there has been no action on their disposal from DDA, SDMC or the MLA's office. What if one such heap catches fire?"

Director Press Information, SDMC, Mukesh Yadav said, “Our role is only to dispose garbage lying outside the society premises. We cannot help them if the leaves are inside the compound. I will talk to the concerned officials and clear the outside areas." 



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Rocky Verma

Posted 3 years ago

What SDMC sleeping? What happens to Swatch Bharat campaign? The authorities seem to have forgotten even their basic duty.