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Ghaziabad: COG discusses many issues related to societies in meeting

Posted: Jul 07, 2018     By City Spidey

The Consortium of Societies in Ghaziabad conducted a meeting on Saturday to discuss many issues. The issues included problems of groundwater, vending zones, work on the national highway, fire safety of high rise buildings and hydraulic lifts.

They informed that the COG has also scrapped the process of depositing Rs 10,000 for getting NOC for swimming pools in societies.

The COG has also worked in the direction of bringing parity among UP Apartment Act and Bye Laws. Due to the differences, the societies struggle a lot with many problems. The COG had also helped in taking one of the problems to the High Court and solved the problem.

As per the Bye Laws, SPS Residency had elected a new director, Sudha Srivastva, in June 2017. But, few members of the board conspired against her and removed her from the post. The Bye Laws mention that an office bearer can only be removed after a public meeting which was breached in the meeting.

With the help of COG, Srivastva took this matter to Deputy Registrar in Meerut. But, she did not get justice even then. The DR considered removal of Srivastva right.

Then, the COG took the matter to the High Court in Allahabad and won the case in May 2018. The High Court’s historic decision had ended the confusion.

Now, after the decision of High Court, removal of office bearers will only be done according to the provisions in the Bye Laws.

The COG said in a press release that it will continue to work for the RWAs.

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