Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: People make effort to revive water body at Sector-23

Posted: Jul 08, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

Community people from different societies are making efforts to revive the water body at DDA Park at Sector-23 in Dwarka. The water body is being cleaned and the drainages are also being directed towards it so that maximum storm water from the area go to the catchment area.

People like Diwan Singh, Praveen Dutt, Bijender Kumar, Babloo, Captain SS Mann and others are doing their “shramdan” everyday to give life to the water body.

According to the people involved in the revival work, staffs from DDA’s Horticulture Department are also supporting the work.

One of the members of water body reviving committee and an environment activist from Sector-23, Diwan Singh said to City Spidey, “There is beautiful woodland area around this water body and we are working towards protecting it. Also, we are making efforts to keep the water body full of water in the rainy season.”

This water body receives rain water from two storm water drains. Sometimes, the water breaks the side walls and then flows out from it. Thus the water body becomes empty. This happens almost during all the monsoons.  The residents have to pitch in and do all the work by themselves most of the time.

Too much of weeds have also grown into the water body. They are being removed by the residents voluntarily. “The residents pool in money from people in the area and arrange volunteers to conduct all these works,” shared SS Mann.

People have also started doing the same thing for water body located in Sector-20 in Bharat Vandana Uddyan. Diwan Singh said, “We want all those water bodies to get water which have a survival chance. These water bodies could be a boon for the water conservation.”

People involved in the work are also doing census of the species living in woodland around the water body. They are keeping the data to compare it from the last year.

“The bird and wildlife population has also increased in this area since the water body started holding water throughout the year. This might be an achievement of the community. But, there are lots of works which are to be done to sustain the revival. We appeal to the authorities for support,” said Diwan.

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