Dwarka: Chipko leader motivates people to join movement to save 16k trees

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jul 08, 2018

Chipko movement leader Chandi Prasad Bhatt on Sunday inspired activists with his speech in Dwarka. He was present in a function which was organised to support campaign to save 16,000 trees in South Delhi. He said that the importance of trees should be taken seriously.

Bhatt focused on continuous degradation of environmental values against the development in the country. He appealed to the community to make collective effort to save trees and environment.  He said that the disaster in Uttarakhand in 2013 happened due to felling of trees in the area.

The leader also mentioned that the national capital has been facing serious environmental crisis and the greenery is only at 13 per cent of area whereas it must be 33 per cent of the area. He advised to the government that there must be proper planning for clean air and clean water for the people and not only the plans should be for residential complexes.

“I appeal to both the governments find some middle path to save trees so that residential complexes could be made without damaging the environment,” said Bhatt.

Padma Bhushan, Remon Megsaysay awardee and Gandhi peace prize winner, Chandi Prasad Bhatt shared how the Chipko Movement were carried out in Uttarakhand and how the trees were saved.

“It was a people’s movement there and I am looking a positive effort in Delhi and all across India. I appeal to all of you to make collective effort and go ahead to save trees,” said Bhatt.

The programme was organised at MTNL Chowk in Sector-6 by Green Circle NGO in association with other such organisations. Cultural programmes and human chains were also oraganised to spread the message to save trees and environment.

On the occasion, the activists, who were involved in the save tree campaign in South Delhi, were also present. Anil Sood from Chetana NGO, who filed a petition in NGT against the felling of 16,000 trees, was also there. He also shared his views and asked people to join the movement.

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