Burari suicides: Pet dog to spend rest of life with new caretaker in Noida

By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Jul 10, 2018

Tommy, an India-pitbull mixed breed pet dog that was rescued from the house where all 11 members of Bhatia family living together committed mass suicides, will live rest of his life in Noida with his new caretaker Sanjay Mahapatra.

The family followed occult practice on the intervening night of June 30 and July 1.

Mahapatra, a Noida based young animal lover, rescued the poor dog suffering from high fever from the terrace of the house. He needed consent from one of Bhatia family member to keep the dog with him.

Mahapatra said, “I am happy that the family allowed me to keep custody of Tommy. It is now well. Its aggression has gone down and it plays with me.”

Earlier, Mahapatra had brought the dog from an animal shelter in Noida and gave it much needed medical aid to recover from deteriorating health condition. He had got approval from Delhi police as well.

A police official had earlier talking to City Spidey confirmed that the dog was handed over to an animal shelter for treatment. They said that when the dog will be recuperated, it would be sent to Sanjay Gandhi animal shelter.

Mahapatra who has not only provided medical treatments to the poor animal at his own expenses but also conducted regular counselling (love therapy) to help the dog in recovering from the shocking death of its caretakers. He also took help from some other animal lovers.

However, for the custody of the dog, Mahapatra needed the consent of the family. For that, he approached Prashant Singh Chundawat, the grandson of the Narayani Devi (Lalit’s mother) and sent a letter through email requesting approval for dog’s custody. Prashant, who lives in Rajasthan with his parents, gave written approval for the same.

The conversation held between Mahapatra and Prashant though email was available with City Spidey. It read, “I would like to thank you for adopting and taking care of our family member Tommy. We live in Kota, Rajasthan and it is very difficult to take care of him from here. Also, he is not familiar with us and is very aggressive,” Prashant wrote replying to Mahapatra.

Prashant further wrote, “In case, you don’t want custody, I would gladly take it back to Rajasthan. Please stay in touch and keep me posted.”

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