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Noida: Miffed residents demand replacement of damaged equipments at open gyms

Posted: Jul 10, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

The equipments at open gyms in many parks have started getting damaged in Noida. Many gym equipments, which were installed at Sector-51 Park, have got damaged and the RWAs are demanding either replacement or repair work.

Sanjeev Kumar, general secretary of RWA of Sector-51 said that gym equipments at children's park in Sector-51 have got damaged for the second time. The company which had installed these equipments has been requested to look into the matter.

“Last time when these equipments got damaged, they were repaired by welding. Now, these equipments have again got damaged at the places where welding was done. Replacement of equipments will be a better option this time,” Kumar said.

“Most of the fitness equipments of our gym cannot be used. The cross trainer and the wheel machines are damaged,” Kumar said. He said that all the handles and mounting covers are also missing and he requested to change them.

IP Singh, deputy director of horticulture department told that the company, which installed the gym equipments, is responsible to fix the problem. “Whenever we receive any complaint regarding this, we send the complaint to the company and they fix the problem,” Singh said.

Singh said that he does not know that the equipments of the gym have got damaged. He assured that he will soon visit the parks and then rectify the problem.

The open gyms are equipped with 17 gym equipments like air walkers, sit-up benches, air swings, stair steppers, leg presses, pull-up chairs, exercise bars, chest presses, bench presses, sit-up stations, cross-walkers, twisters, rowing machines etc.

Noida Authority is making the open gym in every park of the city. Right now, Noida has open gyms in sectors 50, 108, 36, 33, 34, 35, 39, 52. It is planning to launch 17 more such kinds of gyms across the city.

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