Dwarka: Commuters wary of falling trees during rains

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jul 11, 2018

Commuting on the roads in Dwarka has become a bit risky these days as the trees on the roadsides are falling randomly due to rains. Especially, the “Sheesham” trees which are affected by termites are very close along the roads.

The other trees which are closed at the roots are also falling due to rain. People have witnessed fall of trees during rains all across the Dwarka. They said that the falling of trees is very dangerous and could prove fatal if it hits any commuter moving on a vehicle.

Recently, a huge “Sheesham” tree fell down after the rain in front of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College in Sector-3 main road. No one got hurt but the tree could cause serious damages to people. The traffic was disturbed for hours until the DDA removed it.

Samir Anand, a resident of Sector-13 said, “There are many trees in the stretch from Kautilya Apartments till Shaheed Bhagat Singh Apartments in Sector-13 and from Metro View Apartments till Netaji Subhash Apartments which are about to fall. These trees are dangerous and can take the life of anyone.”

Experts said that the wrongly planted trees fall due to weak roots and closed space. They also blamed the people and authorities on the unscientific pruning which affects its balance.

A tree expert from Sector-19 in Dwarka, PK Datta said, “The trees, which are along the roadside and in small spaces, are more vulnerable to fall after rains. Most of them are “Sheesham” trees.”

Datta further said that transplantation should be done for those trees which are dangerously inclining towards the roads.

“The transplantation is the only solution. But, at the same time, this is not in practice practically. They should think upon that seriously to save the lives of trees and also the people.”

According to sources, there are more than 1,000 dead “Sheesham” trees inviting danger to the people. These trees can be seen on footpaths. Some of the trees have been left in fallen state inviting danger to commuters.

Deputy Director Horticulture DDA, Jameel Ahmad said to City Spidey, “We are trying to make balance in the trees by doing their proper pruning and shifting their weights to a balanced state. We are removing the trees which can fall anytime. Besides that, for the dead trees, we have written to the forest department and those trees would be removed soon.”

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Madhu Chaudhary

Posted 12 months ago

Pruning is required at many places ... as to balance the weight of the tree otherwise we tend to loose the whole tree .. so better there has to be a squad team who take actions immediately...


Pankaj Kumar Datta

Posted 12 months ago

Well said, Akhilesh Bhai, Dwarkites are a lucky lot to have inherited the treasure of Nature in trees enjoying their beauty in colour of flowers, their standing evergreen, going leafless and showering itself on footpaths. There are others which are not so lucky and become prey to the winds, heavy rains and fall suddenly at times causing difficulties of different kinds. How many of them fall is a matter of great concern to us since their cumulative fall is our gross green loss. We can do a lot but it requires a good number of dedicated force of people to work as watchdogs of trees calling upon them to undertake mapping of the trees, likely impact assessment of the same, suggest remedial measures like pruning, straightening, supporting etc. Believe me, if we can develop such a team your writing about them would have a perceptional change and falling of trees may reduce to a great extent.