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Saraswati Kunj RWA decries Sharma Commission report

Posted: Jul 12, 2018     By City Spidey

Saraswati Kunj Society has been embroiled in a controversy since 1983 over multiple plot allotments and accepting registration for plots far beyond capacity. To resolve the issues, the state government appointed the Sharma Commission in October 2017. However, when the commission submitted its report to the chief minister today, the RWA of the society seemed disgruntled.

Their main grouse? The commission did not hear them out before submitting the report. The members are likely to hand a memorandum to the district administration and state government in this regard.

Kalyan Singh, RWA president, Saraswati Kunj, said, “The government set up the Sharma Commission to resolve the issue and we objected to its report. Taking note of our objection, the government set up the commission again in October 2017 and it was to hold a hearing before submitting its report. However, we are surprised that it submitted its report without listening to us.”

In 1983, 9,000 members registered for plots, which was available for only around 4,000 members. This multiple allotment became a bone of contention and the state government tried to tide over the crisis by setting up commissions.

Located along the Golf Course Road, Saraswati Kunj is a plotted colony under the Saraswati Kunj Cooperative House Building Society Limited, Wazirabad, Gurgaon. The number of allottees far outnumbered the number of plots.

Sudhir Kumar, RWA secretary, said, “Since the plot allotment issue is mired in litigation, the society has not been getting sewer and water connections. Banks do not approve our loan applications and the town planning department does not sanction building plans. We will wait for the report to be brought in the public domain. We will send our objections to the district administration.”

However, according to Vinay Pratap Singh, deputy commissioner of Gurgaon, the commission had taken into consideration the claims and objections submitted by individual plot holders, and thus, there is no question of hearing out the RWA separately. The RWA, in his words, should have nothing to do with membership and ownership entitlements in a cooperative society, as it is responsible for maintenance issues.   



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I am a member of society from 5.11.1996.membership no5277 in the name of ashwani sharma plote no 2051 phase 3 but my name is not available in the commission report i sumit the evidence documents but no considered reply my mobile no is 9871499052 -9711584088