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Dwarka: SDMC’s ill-maintained dhalao makes life difficult for people

Posted: Jul 12, 2018     By City Spidey

A South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s (SDMC) dhalao at Sector-3 in Dwarka is causing a lot of problems to the people in the area. It is causing a lot of stinks and making the area unhygienic because of poor maintenance.

People living in the nearby societies like Gauri Ganesh Apartments and Balaji Apartments are saying that they have been facing the problem for a long time because the dhalao is not cleared properly on a regular basis.

They said that most of the time it is overflowing and the garbage can be seen scattered on the roads as well.

The President of Balaji Apartments, Kailash Chander said, “This problem has become bigger as they do not clean it on regular basis. This has made our lives tough and it is difficult to breathe in fresh air because of the stinking smell in the morning.”

Chander further said that they discussed the matter with the area councillor and also the area MLA but nothing was done in this regard.

A resident of Gauri Ganesh apartments, Vikas Bhatnagar, said that the dhalao is a big blot on the “Clean India Mission” due to its ill-maintenance.

“In place of making the area clean and healthy, the dhalao is making it filthy and unhealthy. This is a joke in the name of cleaning and managing waste,” said Bhatnagar.

According to the President of the society, VK Sharma, residents in E and F block of the society were the worst sufferers.

He said, “Morning and evening is a tough time to live here because no one can breathe properly because of smell. People are also struggling to get a sound sleep at night because of the smell coming from it. Often, the dhalao is seen overflowing and no one is there to take it seriously.”

Sharma suggested that a boundary wall can be constructed around the dhalao so that the garbage does not come on the road. He said that this will bring some relief from the smell too.

On the subject, Director of Press Information SDMC, Radha Krishna, said that the subject would be taken into concern and needful will be done.

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