Dwarka: Why Sector 3 back lane is a cause of concern...

Posted: Jul 13, 2018     By City Spidey

The back lane of Sector 3 behind societies such as Prodyogiki Apartments, Nav Kairali Apartments, Air India Apartments and Himachali Apartments has become a den of open drinking and other anti-social activities.

Recently, miscreants took off with the donation box of the temple of Nav Kairali Apartments. The society president, RC Ahuja, said, “This lane is a serious security concern for us. In January, miscreants crossed over the boundary and tried to break the lock of a flat. This is really scary!”

The lane has also become a garbage-dumping site. Kitchen waste from the Matiala market is often thrown into the lane. Vikas Bhatnagar, a resident of Himachali Apartments, said, “At the corner end of our society, the lane stinks up with waste from the meat shops in the Matiala area adjacent to it. Plus, security is a problem, with no proper lighting.”

There are other issues as well.

There’s an ill-maintained drain parallel along the back lane, resulting in foul-smelling toxic air. According to residents, the drain is never cleaned. President of Prodyogiki Apartments, Dr AK Gupta, said, “The drain has affected the health of the people and also electronic equipment. Civic bodies should take the matter into concern. The best solution is to cover the drain.”


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