Greater Noida Authority to set up a grievance redressal hotline

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Posted: Jul 13, 2018

Greater Noida Authority is set to launch a comprehensive complaint redressal system for the residents of the area, where just a phone call will ensure that the complaint is registered and looked into.

“The objective is to make the administration simple, transparent, accountable and responsive. Complaints will be redressed within a fixed time frame. If a problem is not addressed, the complainant will be informed about the reasons for the delay and the time-frame for a resolution,” said a senior official of Greater Noida authority.

The complainant after calling at the given number will have to provide his name, address and mobile number along with the details of the problem.

On receiving the complaint, a unique number will be generated, which can be used for future follow-ups. A master register will be maintained by authority officials to record all complaints received through calls.

Residents have welcomed the move, as this step omits the necessity of physically travelling to the office, or waiting for officers to entertain their complaints.

Rakesh Singh, a resident of Greater Noida, said, “We have to waste the whole day in meeting the officials, and sometimes, they fail to meet us. But with this complaint redressal system, this bottleneck will be overcome. But if the problem is not resolved within a given time frame, action should be initiated against the concerned official.”

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Posted one year ago

Though Grievance Redressal Hotline is a welcome step but this certainly requires to be supported with an internet email address to overcome the invariable problems of no response/permanent engage tone/faulty hotline. The complaint no. Should get automatically generated on lodging of the complaint. A feedback system should also be incorporated for the Information of the complainant. The complaint should only be closed by the supervisor after his/her speaking with the complainant. The Hotline should have a recording system to check/ensure its functionality at all times.


Hemant Rawat

Posted one year ago

Please provide what the Number to call for complaint ?