RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Concept of waste management a big failure in Dwarka'

Posted: Jul 16, 2018     By Munish Kundra

Areas near Brahma Apartments have become a nuisance owing to garbage, encroachment and a vacant plot it its vicinity. The side of the road near the society has turned into a garbage dumping site, while the footpath and even some portion of the main road has been encroached upon by buses and automobile workshops.

The link road beside Brahma Apartments leading towards Gokul Garden has become a permanent garbage dumping area. There are busses parked on both sides of the road. There is hardly any space for pedestrians to walk.

The condition of garbage management in Dwarka is pathetic — even the concept of segregated waste at the dhalaos is a big failure.

There’s a vacant plot near our society, Brahma apartments, which has become a source of nuisance for the people. It’s a DDA plot and they should, therefore, take note of the situation — besides being used for dumping garbage, the place has also become a den of miscreants.

Here’s my appeal to the DDA: Do look into the issue of vacant plots. And to South Delhi Municipal Corporation: Please take the deteriorating sanitation situation seriously.

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