Gurgaon: Monsoon rains prove to be panacea for air quality

By City Spidey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Jul 18, 2018

The advent of monsoon in Gurgaon might have irked many for throwing the traffic out of gear but it also has some pluses as the city’s notorious air quality has improved significantly.

The city has recorded best air quality in last two months. It recorded particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) concentration of 32.17ug/ m3 (micrograms per cubic metre of air). It is also well below the permissible limit of 60 ug/m3.

As per Dipankar Saha, the former head of the Central Pollution Control Board’s air quality lab, the rains have washed the pollutants to the ground.

“Rainwater also keeps the ground wet, preventing particles from getting kicked up into the air. The monsoon season helps clean up the atmosphere,” said Saha.

Because of the frequent rains, the humidity levels have also gone up. The high humidity levels are also helping in bringing down the air pollution.

“When humidity rises, it causes atmospheric particulate matter to stick together and become heavier, due to which they are unable to remain suspended,” said Sachin Pawar, an independent air quality expert and consultant.

The air quality started improving since June 27 when the city received its first monsoon rains. The PM2.5 level fell to 46.2ug/m3 that time. On June 13, Gurgaon recorded its highest daily average level of PM2.5 this year, at 572.93ug/ mg3.

The improved air quality has come as a boon for people who are struggling with respiratory ailments.

Pulmonologist Piyush Goel, who practices at Columbia Asia Hospital, said, “We have seen a reduced inflow of patients. With the current climate, we are able to reduce the dosage of medications,” he said.

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