Why do residents of Sunset Boulevard and DLF Ph I find it difficult to breathe?

Posted: Jul 20, 2018     By City Spidey

Residents of Sunset Boulevard and DLF Phase I have now stopped going out for morning walks... children hardly want to step out. The reason? Dumping of carcass in the Aravallis near the condominium, enveloping the whole area in a stench that makes breathing difficult.

In fact, residents have been complaining about the problem since August 2016. They alleged the dumping is being done by private contractors hired by the MCG, but the civic body officials denied these allegations.

“We were told about it and thus we are acting on these complaints. As we don’t have an incinerator in place right now, we are burying the carcasses and bones, and covering them with chemicals, as there is no other solution,” a senior sanitary inspector, who requested anonymity, said.

MCG officials said the proposal for the installation of an incinerator to dispose of cattle carcasses is yet to be cleared by the government.

“Almost 15-20 bodies are dumped here every day and almost 15,000 residents are affected by this. It is becoming increasingly difficult to breathe,” said a resident of DLF Phase.

Another resident added, “Early morning walks are difficult now due to the strong stench. It is particularly overwhelming on certain days. It is nauseating. It is a green belt area and there are concerns about it from an environmental, health and sanitation perspective.”

Residents have complained to the joint commissioner of the area and the municipal councillor, but nothing came of it.

MCG officials maintained that there is no involvement of the civic body in the dumping and they merely acted on the complaints.

“We are planning to install a cremation facility. Right now, there is no system for disposing the body of domesticated cattle,” said Yashpal Yadav, commissioner, MCG.



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