Will things ever improve for Dwarka's Sector 7?

Posted: Jul 20, 2018

With the start of rains, residents of Sector 7 are again faced with the same set of problems — waterlogged roads, stinking garbage, poor sanitation....

All this while the MCD continues to twiddle its thumbs.

The stretch from Brahma Apartments towards Ganpati Chowk through Ramphal Chowk area turns into a mini pond, thanks to choked drains. Recently, a young boy died from electrocution in the area.

A resident of Sri Agrasen Apartments, AK Parashar, complained, “It has been more than three weeks since sweeping was done in the area. Garbage disposal hardly happens. The corporation is way too casual in its approach.”

Every day, Parashar shares photographs of the situation on various WhatsApp groups, which also includes the authorities. He adds, “Our sector is the most neglected sector in Dwarka. It falls in Palam ward, and public representatives are not serious about it. I have brought the issues to the notice of the area councillor. But he has done nothing.”

A service lane has been left dug up in front of Harsukh Apartments for more than a month, and now, with the onset of rains, it is filled with mud. People of societies such as Harsukh Apartments, Satisar Apartments and Rashi Apartments are facing the brunt.

A resident of Harsukh Apartments, Ravi Jaitely, raised the issue on WhatsApp groups, which includes the authorities, but nothing was done. He said, “Around 4-5 weeks back the DDA dug up the service lane to carry out repairs and then they forgot about it. Last week, a vehicle fell into it — it was lifted up with the help of passengers waiting at the nearby bus stop. Also, local Gramin Sewa has its stand there. We have approached almost all the agencies concerned — our problems are also shared from time to time on various WhatsApp Groups of Dwarka, which has MLAs, Councillors, DDA or SDMC officials .But unfortunately nothing has happened so far.”


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