Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Rain causes water logging, traffic jam near Ghazipur market area

Posted: Jul 20, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

While standing in the knee-deep water at the T-point of Ghazipur Chicken and Fish Market on NH 24, traffic constable Popin Kumar was diligently trying to guide the vehicles to streamline the traffic movement.

He was frisking the traffic jam of almost 500 metres long which started from UP gate. There were hundreds of cars and bikes stuck in the traffic jam on the road. The reason behind this huge traffic jam was the water logging in the whole area.

The whole area, from Ghazipur market cut to the lane which goes to the landfill site, was totally inundated following the rains. “The monsoon has just arrived, I am worried what will happen when the monsoon will come in its full swing,” the traffic constable said.

The locals blamed the structure of the roads and blocked drainages for the water accumulation. The road starting from the UP gate till the point to enter the Delhi-Meerut expressway has a depression where water gets accumulated. The locals said that even five minutes of rain causes a huge traffic jam in the area.

Welspun Enterprises, an infrastructure corporation, is the contractor of the Delhi-Meerut expressway. They have put up their makeshift office just on the opposite road of the waterlogged area.

“The problem is not with the infrastructure. We have installed rainwater harvesting pits to collect rainwater but the careless sweeping of the road by Municipal Corporation of Delhi workers have blocked the drainage channels,” said one of the senior officials present in the office.

However, when asked about the measures taken to resolve the problem, they said that they are working on a plan to clean the clogged drainage channels. For now, water pumps are called to address water logging on the road.

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