Say no to a plastic life
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Say no to a plastic life

Youth Network Ghaziabad held a drive at the Kavi Nagar Saturday market to dissuade people from using plastic bags.

Say no to a plastic life

On Saturday, May 7, Youth Network Ghaziabad organised a "say no to plastic bags" drive under its mission Clean Ghaziabad Green Ghaziabad. The organisation has been conducting such drives every weekend for the past five months. 

This weekend, the organisation took up the issue of plastic bags, one of the biggest hazards to our planet.

YNG's volunteers distributed 500 eco-friendly bags to people and roadside vendors in Kavi Nagar on Saturday. They also explained why it was important to stop the use of plastic bags. Volunteers exchanged shoppers' plastic bags with their own eco-friendly ones. About 100 volunteers were present at the drive.

Madhav Sindhwani, Rishabh Sharma, Yash Chaudhary, Nitin Mohan Sharma and Tanima Raheja from YNG gave immense support to the initiative.