Water, water, everywhere: Noida-GreNo drains fail, yet again
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Water, water, everywhere: Noida-GreNo drains fail, yet again

The authorities, the builders and the maintenance staff culprits, allege residents.

Water, water, everywhere: Noida-GreNo drains fail, yet again

Following the rainfall today, several parts of Noida and Greater Noida witnessed waterlogging. Basements of several societies were completely logged with water. This, despite the fact that the rains were only of average density. Had the duration of the rains been any longer, the situation of waterlogging could have turned much more serious.

Areas from where major waterlogging was reported included the stretch near Sectors 15, 31 and 74 among other parts of the city. The waterlogged streets slowed down the traffic. While buses and cars were caught in unending jams, bikers had to bear the brunt of hidden potholes.

Sector 31

Harinder Bhatti, a resident of Greater Noida, and also a member of Active Citizen Group, told City Spidey that the Greater Noida Authority is ignoring the problem of waterlogging. “The Authority had appointed three supervisors to maintain the Sectors but they are not doing their duty properly. The cleaning of sewers and drains is not being carried out by the authority. Consequently the residents are facing this problem,” he added.

The residents of high-rises of Noida and Noida Extension are also facing the problem of waterlogging in their societies. According to residents, the builders and maintenance team do not get the small drains cleaned due to which waterlogging has become a recurrent monsoon issue. The roads near Sector-78 are completely clogged with water.

Bhupendra Routela, a resident of Supertech Capetown, a residential society in Sector 74, told City Spidey that the sewage pipeline is damaged due to which a stench has built up in the area. “The whole 50 acres of basement shows a complete lack of planning on the part of the builder, due to which the residents are facing these problems,” Routela added.

Supertech Capetown, Sector 74

Vikas Kumar, a resident of Panchsheel Greens in Noida Extension, said that the waterlogging problem was not only happening in the basement, but on the ground level as well. The drains are full of water and drain water has made its way onto the lower floors.

Panchsheel Greens, Noida

Meanwhile, the waterlogged roads from Sector-15 to Sector-37 made it difficult for people to commute. Some cars had broken down while others were struggling to cross the stretch. The travelling time between places had almost doubled. “A 500-meter stretch took me almost 30 minutes. Unfortunately our city has no drainage solutions that can address the problem of rain water,” said Peeyush Aggarwal, a resident of Assotech Celeste Tower in Sector-44.

An official of Noida Authority said, “We will be cleaning all the big as well as small drains of the city before monsoon. We will see to it that the problem is resolved in a timely fashion and if needed, we will clean the drains again.”