RESIDENT SPEAK: Wood based crematorium to reduce air, water pollution

By SK Malik
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jul 22, 2018

Recently, during a visit to the crematorium at Sector-24 in Dwarka, I saw an innovative and scientific method of burning through wood. It is pyre “Moksha” which has been financed by the ONGC Ltd under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and implemented by Mokshda Paryavaran Evam Van Suraksha Samiti (Mokshda PEVSS).

As an engineer myself, I took interest in the concept and did dome calculation. I found it good and conducive to environment as well. I am sharing what I found for the readers.

This unique CSR initiative of ONGC with Mokshda PEVSS has led to the development of an energy-efficient and environment friendly, wood based crematorium with a system called Mokshda Green Cremation System (MGCS) capable of reducing wood consumption by 60 per cent besides minimizing air and water pollution in a significant manner.

There is proper air ventilation, complete combustion with speed and high pyre temperature. The system also has good heat insulation and there is no loss of energy. It has tall chimney which reduces air pollution due to carbon particles (Fly Ash) and gases.

In this concept, the wood consumption has decreased by 60 per cent. Air pollution has also reduced substantially. At same time, lower amount of ash is produced which is immersed in rivers. This will also help in bringing down water pollution.

Our present population is around 1,300 million. Considering 7.3 deaths per 1,000 people per year, the total deaths are estimated 9.49 million. We can assume cremation of 80 per cent of people. 300 kg of wood is required for each body. So, 7.6 million bodies require 2.28 billion Kg or 2.28 million tones of wood every year.

Let us assume one tree gives 300 Kg of fire wood after 20 years. With these assumptions, we are cutting 7.6 million mature 20 years old trees per year (or 20, 822 per day) for cremation. If we save even 10 per cent of wood with these pyres in next five years then it will be great for our environment.

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