Dwarka: Community group ‘SKDS’ focuses on increasing greenery every monsoon

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jul 22, 2018

A community group of residents “Sukh dukh Ke Sathi” is on a mission to increase greenery in the area. They have started doing plantation in sectors 22 and 23. Recently, they carried out a plantation drive in the neighbourhood park of Sector-22 behind Sadbhavana Apartments in Sector-22.They planted about 150 saplings of Goodal, Chandni , Hamela and Kandolia.

According to the members of SDKS, people, who planted the saplings, are looking after the new plants. The group has been doing plantation in the area during the time of monsoon every year. According to the vice president of SDKS and a member of managing committee of Sadbhavna Apartments, SS Mann, the plantation will be carried out till September this year.

“We involved the RWAs and the managements of the societies in the area so that they could feel involvement in the drive. Every year, we plant about 700-800 saplings and we are doing this in the last seven years. This time, we have a target to plant one thousand plants in the area. Also, we are focusing on parks and mainly plantation of shrubs,” he added.

Besides plantation, the senior citizens are carrying out cleaning drives in the parks and on footpaths twice in a month on Saturdays.

Secretary of SDKS and a resident of New Kanchanjunga Apartments in Sector-23, DC Mathur, said to City Spidey, “We do cleaning of footpaths and parks on alternate basis in sectors 22 and 23. We carry out cleaning drive once in a month in each sector. Such things have brought the community people together for keeping the area clean.

“The group has made the footpaths clean on both the sides of the road number 226. Also, they followed up the subject and made the trees free from concrete at the roots,” he added.

Apart from plantation and cleaning, the group members organised talks on importance of trees and plants for the kids in the area. They took them to the park and gave a demonstration on the plants. SS Mann said, “We want to pass on the responsibility of clean and green mission to the next generation. So, we do plantation with kids too. Also, we talk with them in the parks when their schools are off.”

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