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Delhi govt fixes maximum speed limit of vehicles to check accidents

Posted: Jul 22, 2018     By Praveen Dwivedi

After making the installation of speed governors in taxis, cabs and school buses plying on Delhi’s roads mandatory last year, the Delhi government has now notified a fresh regulation for maximum speed of vehicles.

The Delhi government’s move has come with intent to reduce road accidents by limiting the maximum speed of vehicles on city’s roads.

As per the notified rules, the speed limit for school buses with permit has been fixed at 40 kmph. The highest speed limit for public transports including DTC buses has also been fixed at 40 kmph.

“The speed limit for transport vehicles having permit to ply in Delhi, school bus with any permit and all transport vehicles exempted from the necessity of permits has been fixed at 40 kmph speed,” said an official of the transport department of the Delhi government.

While the speed limit for transport vehicles having national permit, interstate permit or all India tourist permit has been fixed at 80 kmph, dumpers, tankers and vehicles carrying hazardous goods cannot move more than the speed of 60 kmph in the national capital.

While it has been learnt that the union ministry of transport is trying to leave speed governors for commercial vehicles, the Delhi government is not in a mood to allow plying of commercial vehicles without speed governors.

Sources in the transport department (Delhi government) told City Spidey that every transport vehicle registered prior to the October 1, 2015 which is not fitted with a speed governors will not be allowed in the city.

The speed governor is a small device that does not allow driver to accelerate beyond a certain limit. According to an official in transport department, speed governor for heavy vehicles cost around Rs 15,000 to Rs 16,000 each while for medium vehicles, its cost is nearly Rs 10,000.

Vehicles like cars are allowed a maximum speed of 80 kmph on Delhi roads. However, the speed limit depends on roads. The maximum speed limit on different roads in the national capital is fixed at different speed.

For instance, the maximum speed limit for lighter vehicles on road from DND to Mayur Vihar Phase 1 is fixed at 70 kmph while it is 40 kmph for all commercial vehicles.

“Speed limit for vehicles is fixed at different speed even on the same road. For example, speed limit for cars and other lighter vehicles on Ring Road from Azadpur to Chandi Ram Akhara is fixed at 60 kmph while from Chandi Ram Akhara to Ashram is 50 kmph and from Ashram to Rajghat is different. There are different speed limits fixed for different roads in the city.”

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Posted 7 months ago

Having different speeds on city roads itself is flawed


Cdr Mahajan

Posted 7 months ago

When speed limit is 80 for cars and 40 for public transport then why manufaturers should be allowed to produce vehicles with speed higher than limits.