Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
PHOTO KATHA: Heavy rains cause water logging on roads in Dwarka

Posted: Jul 22, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

Heavy rains on Sunday made lives of commuters very difficult in Dwarka. The roads got inundated and it became very difficult to pass through them.

The gutters were overflowing and the storm water drains were not sufficient to drain out the rain water. The internal roads of metro stations, master plan roads and the market areas were full of water.

The water logging had made very difficult for commuters to reach Metro stations of sectors 12 and 14.

The road number 201 near Tiranga Chowk and road number 202 near KM Chowk and Ashirvad Chowk were in bad shape after the rain. Ramphal Chowk area was floating in water.

Water logging at road number 201

Internal road of Sector 12

The approach road from Sector 13 and 14 and Bharat Vihar to Sector 14 Metro Station

The metro corridor in Sector 14

Water logging at Sector 4

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