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Crossings Republik: Ground caves in at Gardenia Square after rains

Posted: Jul 23, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

Following the Shahberi building collapse, the residents of Gardenia Square in Crossings Republik are worried over the caving in of the ground of their residential complex after the heavy rainfall on Sunday morning.

Sai Oberoi, a resident of Gardenia’s B block, witnessed the incident while she was enjoying the rain in her balcony. “The ground adjacent to our tower caved in collapsing the boundary to the other side where Panchsheel is carrying out digging works.”

She also said that she witnessed a crack in the pathway between B-block building and the boundary wall a day prior to the incident. “We tried to bring it to the notice of the society’s management but they took it very lightly,” Sai said.

Sai further said that some residents called civil engineers who live nearby. “They assured us everything which is in their control and assured us not to worry. But, within 24 hours, this mishap happened,” said she.

She said that these kinds of tall buildings act like dominos. Many other towers next to it are also under risk too.

The residents alleged that construction work carried out by Panchsheel Wellington, a residential society next to Gardenia Square, is responsible for the incident.

Panchsheel is doing construction on the land between its complex and Gardenia to expand its residential area. This has led to a number of problems in the Gardenia housing society.

After the incident on Sunday, a hole opened on the basement wall near parking beneath the B-block. Residents said that the water was coming out like a narrow water stream.

After the complaint from the residents, the hole was repaired by the builder.

Vinita Aditya, President of All Owners Association (AOA) informed, “The construction had started four months ago. Since then, we were asking the Panchsheel to complete construction before the monsoon. The letters were also written to GDA. However, the management took cognizance only after the Shahberi incident happened.”

Vinita told that Ghaziabad police and the GDA team reached the spot and made inspection in the matter. After which, the builder of Gardenia was called and the repair work was done in their presence.

Panchsheel has been ordered by the authority to complete the construction as soon as possible.

Speaking on the matter, VK Singh, Officer on Special Duty GDA told that they are closely following this matter and an inquiry has been set up in this regard.

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