3 cars damaged as cement beam falls from building in Ajnara Gen-X

Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Jul 24, 2018

Three cars got damaged when the cement structure beam fell from the 22nd floor of a building in Ajnara Gen-X society in Crossings Republik at 1:30 am on Monday.

"Around 1:30 am, I heard a noise of thud and shattering of glasses. Within seconds, my phones started beeping with incoming messages on phone and Whatsapp asking about the sound,” a resident said.

On being asked about the reaction of people, she said, “People are still anxious.”

Out of the three cars which were parked below the Monarch tower, two have received severe damages. Residents said that they have been fortunate that no one was harmed but the incident could have been fatal and life-threatening if it happened during the daytime.

Despite the gravity of the matter, the residents did not file a police complaint or reached out to the GDA.

When City Spidey spoke to the GDA, they said that they are unaware of the incident as no complaint was made to them. They also said that as the matter has now come to their knowledge, a team will be sent to Ajnara for the inspection.

Sai Oberoi from Gardenia Square, a society near Ajnara, said that she takes her daughter for dancing classes in Ajnara and she is worried after hearing this news. “I wait below the building during the period of my daughter’s class and I am very scared to go there again,” she said.

Ajnara’s residents said the incident is highly unusual for a newly built society. People said that the building in question was handed over to residents in 2012.

They also informed that the Apartment Owners Association has not been functional in the last three years due to a controversy between the builder and elected members.

A resident on the condition of anonymity said, "Anjara’s management has proposed to compensate the owners whose cars have been damaged.

While the management refused to speak on and off the record, calls and messages to the builder also went unanswered.

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