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Gzb, GreNo, Noida residents demand visitors’ parking on society premises

Posted: Jul 24, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

The residents of high-rise societies of Ghaziabad, Noida and Greater Noida are demanding visitors’ parking on society premises. Residents want Noida and Greater Noida Authority to amend the building bylaws of 2010, so that 10 percent of the total parking is reserved for guests.

Amit Gupta, a resident of Prateek Wisteria in Sector 77, said, “In March this year, Noida Authority invited suggestions from residents to initiate changes in building bylaws to streamline parking issues in the city. According to the proposal, the authority wants to make it mandatory for all individual residential plot owners to have stilt parking to accommodate guest vehicles. In addition, the group housing developer will have to provide one parking space for every 50 sq m, as compared to the current norm of one parking space for every 80 sq m of space bought by residents.

Suppose, a builder buys a plot from Noida Authority that totals 2 lakh sq m. According to existing building bylaws norms, one parking space is to be allotted for every 80 sq m of space, thus for an area of 2 lakh sq m, there will be 2,500 parking slots (total area divided by 80 sq m). However, if the norms are revised, and a parking is allotted for every 50 sq m of space bought, the number of plots jumps to 4,000.

From the total parking available, residents want 10 per cent of the total parking to be reserved for visitors.

Alok Kumar, President of Federation of Ghaziabad AOAs, told City Spidey that it is important to reserve some parking for the guests, as Ghaziabad DM has already issued an order that no parking would be allowed outside the society. “So, some arrangement should be made by the builder and AOA of the society for the guest parking. We will soon be talking about the issue with concerned authorities in Ghaziabad,” Kumar confirmed.

Surprisingly, according to Manish Kumar, a resident of Noida Extension, building bylaws of Kanpur and Lucknow have this 10 percent reservation for visitors’ parking.

Often guests are forced to park on the slots meant for others, leading to unnecessary fights, lamented Preet Bharghav, a resident of Gaur City in Noida Extension.

To this, a resident of Sector 137 added, “Since guest vehicles are not allowed inside, they have to park near the markets. Several residents have lodged complaints with the police regarding theft of valuables from their cars.”

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Pabitra Dash

Posted 7 months ago

Forget about parking for guests, there is no basement car parking in place in Assotech Windsor Court, Sector 78, NOIDA.