Dengue menace looms large in Dwarka; inspections on the anvil

Posted: Jul 25, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

With the onset of rains, dengue fears are back in the city — and they are not unfounded. South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) officials found dengue larvae in societies such as Nuovo Apartments in Sector 10, DDA Apartments Sector 11 Pocket 3 and Mini Market of Sector 10. They fall under the jurisdiction of Ward 38S (Dwarka B).

The checks were carried out after secretary of Nuovo Apartments, SL Malhotra, shared the following message on the WhatsApp group of Dwarka B Ward: “The mosquito menace is increasing in Dwarka day by day, as two cases of dengue have been reported in our society. There is dire need to prevent the spread of this disease to the adjoining areas, so that more people may not become [its] prey. It may be requested that fogging may be done in the society premises immediately.”

Thereafter, Malaria Inspector for the area, Rohtas Singh, rushed to the society for inspection. He shared on the same group: “I have checked Nuovo Apartments personally and found four-five places with mosquitoes breeding inside the premises.” He also shared photographs of the inspection.

He also inspected Mini Market and the societies in Sector 11. In Sector 11 Pocket 3, five of 45 houses had dengue larvae breeding.

After coming to know of the findings, Leader of the House, Kamaljeet Sehrawat, asked concerned officials to make spread awareness and take immediate measures both inside and outside societies.

In response, Rohtas floated a message to RWAs and residents to immediately clear out all stagnant water from society premises.

He shared his concerns with City Spidey. “This is the ideal time for breeding, and after hatching the eggs on stagnant water surface, it will take about a week for the larva to grow into an adult mosquito. So, the situation could turn tough if people don’t take precautions now.”

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