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Noida: Supertech residents complain about steep hike in power backup charge

Posted: Jul 25, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

The residents of Supertech’s high rises on Wednesday complained that the builder has increased the power backup charge by Rs 6 plus GST. Residents said that the builder’s arbitrary increase in charge is totally unjustified.

The residents of the Supertech Capetown in Sector-74 and Supertech Eco Village in Noida Extension said that the builder issued a notice on July 22 on the notice board of towers mentioning an increase in DG consumption charges to Rs 23 plus GST per unit. 

The new charge will be applicable by the end of this month. Now, residents are demanding the rollback of the new charge from the builder. Earlier, the builder used to charge Rs 17 per unit.

“Any decision which would affect the residents financially can only be implemented after proper discussions with residents. But, unfortunately, by pasting this notice, the developer had taken a step which is totally unfair,” residents said.

Sameer Bhardwaj, a resident of Supertech Eco Village, told City Spidey that the builder promised at the time of booking that power backup will be fuelled by CNG which is eco-friendly and cheaper as compared to the diesel generator.

“We would have been paying around Rs 10 per unit if power backup was fuelled by CNG. But, the builder has not made any arrangement for this as of now,” Bhardwaj added.

Till date, the builder has not fulfilled his promise. Despite mentioning it in the brochure, the builder has not installed even a single CNG operated generator. As a result, the residents are forced to pay increased charge with diesel generators.

The residents also raised the issue to the Greater Noida Authority. The Authority assured the residents that they will be doing something on it.

Bhardwaj also said that the backup charge at other nearby societies is not more than Rs 15 per unit. He questioned why only Supertech increases the backup charge.

“There is some problem with the meters as well. Sometimes, meter erroneously shows consumption of around 70 units despite consumption of only 20 units in a day. This is also unjustified,” he added.

Bhupendra Routela, a resident of Supertech Capetown, said that it is not fair to increase the backup charge. “The increase in backup charge is not consistent with the increment of diesel prices. The rates of diesel increase by 1 paisa or 10 paise but the backup charge has been increased by Rs 6,” he added.

The residents of high rises also said that they are waiting for the notification for the single point connection from the NPCL and PVVNL which was announced by Yogi government. They wanted the single point connection so that the builders are not in a position to harass the residents.

When City Spidey contacted Dinesh Walia, facility head in Eco Village, he did not respond to the calls. Other Supertech officials were also not available for the comment.

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