Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
PHOTO KATHA: Commuters under great risk as roads, footpaths cave in at Dwarka

Posted: Jul 26, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

Due to heavy rains in the area, roads and footpaths are caving in at many places making the lives of commuters very difficult in Dwarka.  

At many places, the footpaths over the main drains along the master plan roads are caving in suddenly. These drains are full of water having a depth of more than eight feet.

As a result, people are very sceptical to use the footpaths these days.

The callous approach of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) can be confirmed while visiting the places where roads and footpaths have caved in.

The pedestrians are under great risks at the footpaths as all of these places are very deep.

These spots have become very dangerous as most of them are at the level of roads. With that, there is a very high chance of vehicles and people falling into these spots.  

A big portion having a depth of about 10 feet can be seen in front of Sri Agrasen Apartments in Sector-7 which has been completely barricaded by the police.

But, people said that until they are repaired there would always be a risk.

A deep hole can be spotted at the middle of the road in front of Dwarka Court. The spot has not been barricaded and people have put a branch of a tree to help commuters in locating it.

There are more such kinds of spots on the roads and service roads in Dwarka.

The footpath near Sector-10 market

The footpath near Harsukh Apartments in Sector-7

A dangerous spot on the master plan road near Dwarka court

A big portion of footpath caves in at Sector-3

The caved in portion of the service road in front of Sri Agrasen Apartment in Sector-7





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