DM Gzb addresses the Eastern Gates parapet fall & city's waterlogging issues

Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Jul 28, 2018

Ritu Maheshwari, Ghaziabad DM, fielded questions regarding the Eastern Gates Society parapet fall and waterlogging in the city today.

On the issue of parapet fall at Eastern Gates Society where the responsible builder has been absconding, DM Ghaziabad said that Aawas Vikaas has been asked to inspect the building and a fresh FIR will be lodged against the builder.

As reported earlier by City Spidey, multiple cases are already registered against the builder and two non-bailable warrants (NBW) were issued but the builder fled before he could be taken into custody.

On being asked why the authority did not take cognizance in the matter after the builder escaped, she said that the responsible authority for this is the police department.

While SSP, Vaibhav Krishna, informed that the latest NBW issued in April is not valid anymore, the DM office has ordered him to file an FIR and issue a fresh NBW against the builder.

"We will take action in this regard soon," Krishna told Usmani, DM's Personal Assistant.

On the subject of waterlogging problem in Indirapuram, Maheshwari said that encroachment plays a key role in this problem. “The encroachment damages the drain, hence, the water is not receding fast,” DM said.

She also said that GDA has hired a consultant to come up with a plan to improve Indirapuram sewage system in order to mitigate the issue before next monsoon season.

On being asked whether GDA has any plans to provide respite to Indirapuram residents from the current waterlogging situation, she said that water pumps have been installed in the waterlogged areas. However, due to poor drainage system, the water that has been pumped out comes back to the area.

When asked whether the authority has an alternative solution, she said that the only solution currently is to pump the water out. “Please tell if you’ve any other alternative,” she remarked to this correspondent.

The photo below is of the SSP office situated in the posh area of Ghaziabad. One can't help but wonder if the offices of city administration can’t escape the problem of waterlogging, then what hope is left for the common man.

Meanwhile, many areas of Indirapuram continue to face waterlogging, making commute and going out for daily chores difficult for the residents.

Residents complained of stench coming from the accumulated water stating it's not just unbearable, but also unhygienic.They complained that the water is contaminated and can spread infection to their kids.

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