Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
RESIDENT SPEAK: SDMC neglects horticulture waste management in Dwarka

Posted: Jul 29, 2018     By Rakesh Kalsi

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has been a complete failure in managing sanitation in Dwarka. The horticulture waste management has been completely neglected by the corporation.

All the initiatives taken by the authorities were ineffective. The ground reality is that the whole city is covered with horticulture waste.

The footpaths are the victim of such garbage dumping. Due to rain these days, the condition has become more pathetic and the heap of such garbage is causing filth in the area.

The SDMC claims that they are doing good job on waste management. But, I wonder, how they will implement garbage segregation when its horticulture department never seems to be active.

For an example, a tree branch lying in our society’s back lane has been there for a long time and not removed till now.

Similarly, I can say that the people are trying to clear the footpaths on their own but authorities are not taking interest. For horticulture waste management, many promises were made and meetings were held on several occasions with no concrete result on the ground.

I always find a gap between the authority and the community and the implementation of law. Unless they become strict and work in streamlined manner, nothing effective will be done.

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