Dwarka a ticking bomb... a vector-borne outbreak waiting to go off

Posted: Jul 31, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

Dwarka is sitting on a ticking time bomb — there can be an outbreak of vector-borne disease at any point, with standing rain water everywhere.

RWA general secretary of Radhika Apartments, Sector 14, Anupam Yashovardhan, said, “The Corporation should take immediate measures to clear the stagnant water. If clearing out is not possible, such water should be spread with medicines.”

Recently, during an inspection by South Delhi Municipal Corporation officials, breeding could be detected in flower pots and water-filled broken utensils on premises, drains and water tanks. They found active breeding grounds in markets and Metro stations too.

Malaria inspector of Ward Dwarka B, Rohtas Singh, said, “It takes only a week for an egg to become an adult. So, a good portion of Dwarka is under the threat of an outbreak. This year, the situation seems particularly bad, with showers happening every now and then.”

According to officials, the DDA pockets — 50 in all – are more vulnerable to such outbreaks.

The stormwater drains inside the pockets are encroached upon; most of the drains are chocked, leading to permanent stagnation of water inside them. Moreover, in almost all the pockets, illegal construction is rampant and construction material is thrown everywhere, which become receptacles for rainwater.   

Taking cognizance of the matter, former mayor and at present Leader of the House, SDMC, Kamaljeet Sehrawat — also a resident of Sector 6 — said, “Officials are spraying medicines both inside and outside societies. I will look into other areas as well. We are not taking any chances this time.”


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