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In aftermath of boy’s fall, fact-check reveals many lacunae at Jaypee Wish Town

Posted: Aug 01, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

The fall of an 8-year-old boy, Aarav Beniwal, into the ventilator shaft has left other residents of Jaypee Wish Town Klassic in huge shock. In the aftermath, the residents are sceptical to use facilities at the society. It seems that the trust in the builder has taken a hit. They are leaving no stone unturned to locate the places within the society which are dangerous for kids and others in general.

The residents claimed that the place where the child fell is not the only place dangerous within the society. They want the problem areas to be fixed. But, of course, the builder’s involvement is also required to make the place safer for children.

City Spidey did a tour of the place. It found many lacunae on the side of the builder. It found cracks on the walls of the towers, digging at children play area and some high-tension power wires.

The recent instances of building collapses in Delhi-NCR areas after the arrival of monsoon have also affected the psyche of people, and they are now very anxious to live in these buildings. The residents are frequently complaining about the poor quality of materials used during the construction.

When City Spidey did a round of Klassic society, it found many consistencies with the resident’s claims. It has spotted many spots on the walls from where chunks of plaster had come off in the past. Residents categorically stated that there have been many incidents of plaster falling, but fortunately no one got hurt.

A resident of Klassic tower in Jaypee Wishtown, Pushkar Pandey, told that they want structure audit by the government. He said, “We should know the exact position of the society. We will soon write a letter to Uttar Pradesh chief minister and the district magistrate regarding this,” Pandey added.

High-tension wires were also spotted 10 meters above the ground. They were seen at the area where children play and residents jog. This place was not more than ten steps away from the ventilation shaft where the boy fell. Residents had demanded underground wiring two years ago, but the builder has done nothing thus far.

A resident, Jagvir Yadav, said that the electric poles, installed by the builder in the park area, are dangerous for children. “Children come to play here and if the wire falls on any of the child or person then who will be responsible for the casualty. The builder should address this as soon as possible,” Yadav said.

The builder has also done digging work at the children play area. Children aged 4-8 years come to play in this area. During rain, the drilled area was full of water. Bricks and iron nails were also found by the City Spidey team.

“I don't think fire sprinklers are operational here. Many of them are locked as well. We need to force faclity management group (FMG) to do fire drill every month (not evacuation only but to test the whole system is working or not) and we will be a part of it,” Yadav said.

PR Malhotra, another resident, said that all the shafts need to be sealed properly. He said, “It is a basic rule of firefighting system that smoke does not travel from one place to another. How did the builder get the fire NOC. Noida Authority and fire department must inspect the society.”

Residents also said that the automatic rescue device (ARD) is not installed in the lift. The emergency button is also not working. It has become a regular practice in the society that people get stuck in the lift.

An official of the Jaypee Wishtown said, "Repairing work of the wall and the tower is going on and we will make the towers moisture and crack free soon."

“We already told the residents to take precaution because it is the park area. But the residents are ignoring this and children come here to play. It is the people fault to allow their children to play in the park. They should instead take their children to the play area,” the official said.

On the issue of high-tension wires, he said that he will do something on it and the wiring will be soon taken underground. He also said that all the areas where digging was done will be filled up.



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