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Gaur Valerio residents continue to live in fear after boundary wall collapse

Posted: Aug 02, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

The residents of Gaur Valerio housing complex are living in a state of fear following the sudden collapse of their boundary wall last week. 

The residents worry and hope that the damage does not spread and affect the main building. 

Following heavy rains, a portion of society’s boundary wall collapsed revealing septic tank and connecting pipes. The base of the wall slid away along with the mud. 


Septic tank and connecting pipes revealed after boundary wall collapse


The residents say the main culprit is Adinath Builders, who have dug up the plot adjoining Gaur Valerio, and have, for all practical purposes, abandoned the site. 

Rajiv Munshi, General Secretary Gaur Valerio’s Apartment Owners’ Association, said the rains in its sweep not just started filling up the dug-up area with water, but also pulled in mud from its surroundings including that beneath the boundary wall.

The residents panicked as water levels rose. Munshi said in the past too his society had suffered because of the construction activities in the neighbourhood. “This isn’t first time... in the past, a toilet built along the periphery had collapsed. Following several representations and legal action, the builder reconstructed the boundary wall adjoining the toilet in January this year." 

The builder has a project named ‘Angel Jupitor’, which is build at the rear of Valerio. Now, he intends to extend it to the adjoining plot. 

For the last four years, the project has been moving at an extremely slow pace. Munshi said a “retaining wall” would have solved the problem. But the builder was not paying any heed. 

Ankit Rajput, the maintenance manager of Valerio, said, “Fortunately, the basement is unaffected by the incident. If something had happened to the basement, the whole society would’ve been in danger.”

A day after the incident, the society had sent a letter to DM Ghaziabad complaining about their truant neighbour. But there has been no response so far.

Ankit said, “It’s only after we lodged a complaint at Indirapuram Police station that the builder started pumping out the water from the site.” The builder has agreed to repair the boundary wall, he said.

GDA has promised to launch a drive and prosecute builders such as Adinath, who abandon projects mid-way unattended.  

A GDA official claimed that the authority had made enquires about the project a few days ago, but did not pursue it, as it was embroiled in legal issues.

Adinath builders did not respond to calls and messages from City Spidey.

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