First you fight for a park, then you release sewer water there... any sense!
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First you fight for a park, then you release sewer water there... any sense!

The park in question lies between Grand Ajnara Heritage and Supertech Capetown. After Noida Authority started developing the vacant plot, the builder started to discharge sewer water there!  

First you fight for a park, then you release sewer water there... any sense! The park between Grand Ajnara Heritage and Supertech Capetown

Residents of Grand Ajnara Heritage, a residential society in Sector 74, Noida, are having to deal with the foul smell coming from a park adjacent to it. The maintenance staff of Supertech Capetown, another society bordering the park, has started to discharge the society’s sewage water there.

The park in question lies between both the societies and belongs to Noida Authority.

Dhananjay Kumar, a resident of Grand Ajnara Heritage, told City Spidey, “The maintenance team of Supertech Capetown has been doing so under the cover of night — and this is not the first time. This park was recently developed by Noida Authority, but due to discharge of sewage water there, the new saplings — planted by Noida Authority — are already dead!”

“Last year, residents of both the societies met Omvir Singh, ex-director of horticulture, asking him to develop the park,” he added.

In their defense, residents of Supertech Capetown said the developer has not taken sewage connection from Noida Authority, and the sewage treatment plant (STP) is still not functional. They have also raised this matter with Noida Authority officials in a tri-party meeting held last month.

Noida Authority has given a time-frame of two months to the developer for securing sewage connection, and also directed the builder to start the STP soon.

KP Singh, project engineer of Noida Authority, added, “We knew about it, and have already issued a letter to Supertech Group to stop doing so. If they continue with the practice, we will impose a hefty penalty on the realtor. But we have tried warning them first.”

A planting drive will be carried out at the park on Independence Day, and around 2,100 saplings will be used for the same.

“The park will also have an open gym. We will complete all development work by August 20. After that, we will shift focus on constructing the open gym,” Singh confirmed.

Residents of both the societies met Noida Authority officials several times, urging them to develop the vacant plot into a park.

Even until a few months back, the builder of Supertech Capetown would dump construction debris there. Fortunately, residents, with help from Noida Authority, put a stop to that practice.