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Parents fume over DPS Indirapuram’s circular to back fee structure

Posted: Aug 03, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

The Delhi Public School (DPS) Indirapuram on Friday issued a circular on its website addressing the parents that the school will continue with the present fee structure because they have not received any negative response from the government agencies.

The parents and the management of the school have been at loggerheads over the fee structure in the past few days. Following the circular, the parents were very angry and they objected to the system’s inability in dealing with the case.

The circular mentioned that formulation of the fee structure was done in accordance with the norms of the UP fee ordinance. They have also mentioned that the fee structure was also sent to the District Inspector of Schools (DIOS) and Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA).

“We have not received any negative response from them,” circular read.

The school said that the fee structure was uploaded on their website but due to the objection of parents, they sent the fee structure to DIOS and BSA for their approval.

When City Spidey enquired the school whether they have received any responses in writing, school’s Principal Meeta Rai said, “They have not sent written responses to any of the schools.”

The DIOS, Pankaj Pandey, said that he is not in a position to respond on the fee-related issues. “We are not in a position to give a negative response because we are not the competent authority. The responsibility lies with Divisional Fee Regulatory Committee (DFRC),” he said.

According to the Uttar Pradesh Self-Financed Independent Schools Ordinance, the authority to deal with the fee structure lies with DFRC. When City Spidey asked whether the school had approached or coordinated with DFRC, Rai said that there is no need to approach DFRC.

Also, Rai tried to justify her claims by saying, “None of the schools operating in the district has approached DFRC. Why should we?”

While DIOS agreed that he received the fee structure, he emphasised that his reference in the circular was not needed and it is misleading as well. “School can’t justify its action by stating that they have informed me. I am not the right authority,” he stressed.

The BSA, Rajesh Shrivas, also said that he is not the authority to look after the fee structure. He was also intrigued by the use of his name to justify the fee structure. “School knows that relevant authority, in this case, is DFRC. It is not my responsibility to look after school fees,” he said.

The parents were quite angered after the issuance of circular. One of the parents tweeted to DM Ghaziabad that a strict action should be taken against DIOS and BSA if they don’t have powers to look into the matter.

Shivani Jain, president of All Parents Association said that the matter is quite serious. “The mention of DIOS and BSA in the circular should be investigated by the authority especially when both of them have said that the issue of fee structure does not lie in their jurisdiction.”

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