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I’puram: Residents of ATS Advantage write to power minister over long power cuts

Posted: Aug 06, 2018     By Ashish Srivastava

The residents of ATS Advantage in Indirapuram wrote a letter to UP power minister Shrikant Sharma complaining about the long hours of power cut they have been facing for several months.

Over the last two months, the society is facing 24-36 hours long power cut happening in a week’s interval.

On Sunday, the society had its mainline defunct for 13 hours. “The power cut started from 5 am and resumed after 6 pm,” residents said.

“To shift the double circuit line in Noida Sector-62 and Sahibabad substation, the power was cut in several areas of Indirapuram,” sub-divisional officer Avinash Chaudhary said.

The power corporation issued a press release on Saturday in which the residents of Indirapuram were informed that the 5 hours long power cut was scheduled on Sunday from 5 am to 10 am.

He also said that the residents of the pertaining area were informed in advance.

However, residents of ATS Advantage alleged that they got affected for more than 13 hours.

While Abhishek Singh, Vice President of ATSAOA, admitted receiving the prior notification of power cut, he questioned the authority that why the scheduled power cut duration of 5 hours was extended to more than 13 hours.

Chaudhary acknowledged the allegation but he also defended the extended power cut by stating that there were some technical issues. “The delay in resuming the power supply at ATS happened due to some technical problems," he said.

Singh said that the society ran its diesel generator to cover up the power cut. “The delay in bringing back the mainline power led to burning of additional 1,000 litres of diesel per hour. The residents spent almost three times the rate of mainline power,” said Singh.

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