Dwarka: ‘Police Mitra’ volunteer in making markets free from encroachments

By City Spidey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Aug 09, 2018

When you will make a visit to the markets around Ashirvad Chowk, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the market premises have now become free from encroachments.

With the help of the market people and the RWAs of the locality, the police have been successful in removing the encroachments. The footpaths, corridors and the open spaces are now free from encroachments.

The drive is being carried out by the local police where the nominated volunteers for community policing, “police mitra,” are playing a major role in making the area free of encroachments.

They are also making the community aware and involving them in the policing to make the market premises free from chaos.

Indu Garg, a police mitra and resident of Sector-23, has been putting her efforts in the mall area of Sector-23 these days to make the area free of encroachments.

Garg shared, “I have been working here for the past days. It is very difficult to convince the people who have encroached the premises. But, we have achieved some success. We have been successful in making them realise that they should not grab the open spaces.”

Garg said that the system must ensure that the areas which have been made encroachment free should not get encroached again after 15th August.

“Police are taking initiative to make the area free of encroachments. Now, it is the role of the Municipal Corporation to keep those places free of encroachments,” Garg said.

The nearby RWAs of the societies said that they also want the market space free from encroachments. General secretary of RWA of DDA SFS in Sector-5, Mahesh Gupta, said, “I am happy that the markets are being freed from encroachment. The system must think over its sustainability.”

People said that when encroachment was removed in Sector-6 on the order of High Court, it stayed that way further. It was appealed to the authorities that the situation should remain the same in all the market premises.

MK Sharma, a resident of Sector-12, said, “All markets should be made encroachment free just like Sector-6. This time, other markets are also being made free from encroachment. But, I doubt that it will not remain the same after 15th August.”

According to the people, the encroachments return to the markets with the help from the system itself.

“Connivance of local police, Municipal Corporation and the political influence are the major factor which brings the encroachment back. In spite of making a vending zone and regularise the things to follow the rules, they prefer breaking the rules and supporting the encroachment,” said Seema Verma, a resident of Sector-10.

The ACP, Rajendar Singh, assured to keep the places free from encroachment in future. The leader of the house and ex-mayor of the area Kamaljeet Sehrawat, said that the Corporation would ensure that no encroachment takes place in future.

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