After protests, builder defers hike in power backup charge at Supertech Capetown

By Avishek Dubey
Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Aug 09, 2018

After the stiff resistance from the residents, the increase in power backup charge at Supertech Capetown, a residential society in Sector-74, was deferred till the further review in the next meeting. The power backup charge was exorbitantly increased after a meeting between the top officials of builder and residents.

On August 4, the residents staged a protest against the developer over a six rupees plus GST per unit increase in the power backup charge. Residents said that the builder arbitrarily and unjustifiably increased the DG Set consumption rates.

On July 22, the builder had informed the residents of Supertech Capetown in Sector-74 and Supertech Eco Village in Noida Extension about the hike in backup charges through a notice on their respective notice boards.

The old DG Set consumption charge paid by the residents was Rs 17 per unit whereas the new charge of Rs 23 + GST per unit came into effect from this month. Now, the residents are demanding a rollback of the increase in the charge.

A resident, Bhupendra Routela, informed that it was decided in the meeting that the builder will study the amount of diesel consumed and the DG’s output per litre. Till that time, the builder will take old backup charges from the residents.

“Any decision which can impact or financially burden the residents should be implemented only after the discussions with the residents. But, unfortunately, by pasting this notice, the developer has circumvented the discussions completely which is totally unfair,” he added.

Bhupendra also said that residents demanded the justification and the exact calculation of this hike. “They should decide about the quantum of increase on the basis of the exact calculation of diesel consumption,” said Routela.

“We also asked the builder a next date of meeting to discuss the common area charges (CAM) because we are paying hefty CAM charges. The developer has failed to provide a date for the meeting so far,” said Routela.

“Residents had another complaint — that the builder charged an exorbitant amount for a new domestic connection. While neighbouring societies charge Rs 8,000-10,000 for a new connection, Supertech charges a whopping Rs 20,000,” Routela added.

Arun Singh Chauhan, a member of the builder’s facility management team, said that in the next meeting, they will try to convey the residents about the hike and we hold the charges till that time.

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