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Election of new AOA body gets into controversy at Prateek Wisteria

Posted: Aug 10, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

A new Apartment Owners Association (AOA) body was elected at Prateek Wisteria. But, a bunch of residents is opposing the election of new body. It has got into a controversy over the announcement of unopposed winners in the election. They had also opposed the decision to form the election committee.

The residents said that by-laws were violated in forming the election committee and hence they decided to boycott the AOA election which was going to happen on August 12. But, the election committee has announced the unopposed winners and formed the new AOA body.

According to the residents, during the general body meeting held on July 12 in the society, the old AOA wanted its tenure to be extended by 6 months as the builder was about to hand over the maintenance of the society to AOA.

But, the residents rejected this and asked them to conduct the election. After that, it was decided in the meeting that the election will be held on August 12 and 5 members will be chosen for the election committee.

“After few days, without any invitation or prior notice, the AOA formed the 7 member election committee. Then, the residents boycotted the AOA election,” a resident said.

On the other hand, Nisha Rai, the general secretary told City Spidey, “We called general body meeting two times - first on July 12 and second on July 15. We invited the people for the formation of the election committee.”

“We conducted the AOA election as per the by-laws and no violation happened in this election. The last date for the nomination for the election was August 4 and only 5 people gave nomination for the election,” she added.

The residents wrote a letter to the district magistrate, city magistrate, deputy registrar and Noida Authority. They complained about the violation of by-laws and procedural irregularities in the formation of election committee for the AOA election.

On August 9, the Noida Authority sent a letter to Prateek builder to form the AOA body as per the rule.

On Thursday night, the members of election committee declared the five people, who gave nomination for the AOA post, as the unopposed winners of the election.

Rai said that in the building by-laws, it is mentioned that minimum four nominations are required to form the AOA body. “We had five nominations. The number of nominations was valid as per the by-laws. The election committee members are respected persons in the society. They conducted and declared the election as per the rules,” Rai said.

She also said that there were some personal attacks done by some of the residents. Other residents welcomed the decision of the election committee. “If any order comes from the higher authorities then we will look into it,” Rai said.

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