The ceiling fan at flat number 335 became the saviour of lives of the family
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
People fear for their lives in Metro View Apartments!

Posted: Aug 11, 2018     By Akhilesh Pandey

Today morning around 8 AM, Murari Lal, owner of flat number 207 at Metro View Apartments narrowly escaped a serious injury when a portion of the ceiling in his room collapsed. However, Deepa Bisht of flat number 335 and her daughter were not so lucky. They sustained injuries when a huge portion of the ceiling of their bedroom collapsed a little after midnight on 9th August. Now Deepa, her husband and daughter have shifted from their own flat to a rented flat in the same society. Deepa, showing her wounds, told City Spidey, “It was a horrible night for us! The three of us were sound asleep when suddenly a thick and huge portion of the ceiling fell on us. Due to the ceiling fan the portion got diverted and we escaped fatal injury, yet, the right portion of my body was caught in the wreckage and I was hurt badly. My daughter too got injured in her back. When one looks at the ceiling portion that collapsed, one cannot help but wonder how we survived! It was a miraculous escape!” The very next day the family rented a house and shifted. “We filed a complaint with DDA and shifted. How could we have slept in fear? Such flats could be fatal and DDA has to take this seriously,” said Deepa’s husband, Sunil Bisht.

Both the flats where the fall of grit wash and ceiling happened are top floor flats in the society. Such problems have been there for years. According to sources taking cognizance of the seriousness of the problem, DDA had completely changed the roofs of the 60 flats for which people had made a complaint. But despite that there are still many more affected top floor flats and people are living in fear. People said that all the top floor flats have problematic ceilings and DDA must change all the roofs. President of RWA, Vinod Rawat, said that the subject had been brought to the attention of DDA several times. “We have been writing continuously asking DDA to conduct a survey and if possible change all the roofs of top floor. How can people live in fear? This must be taken on an urgent basis,” said Rawat.

The condition of balconies in the society tells the story of DDA's apathy

Additionally, the society’s window roofs and balconies have been in a bad condition as well. Cracks, rusted iron rods, falling of grit wash and even balconies collapsing are a common sight in the society. According to RWA, the problem has been persistent in almost all the 800+ flats. Vinod Rawat said, “DDA considered the problem and tried to undertake repairs. Some balconies were repaired but now the work has been stopped. I am following up on the subject.”

The newly appointed Chief Engineer of DDA, Dwarka, RK Singh, said that he would take the subject into concern and do the needful.

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