Dwarkites join hands to collect relief materials for flood-affected Kerala

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Aug 19, 2018

Community people of Dwarka have joined hands to help the people in Kerala who have been badly struggling with the floods. RWAs, social organisations and people from Malayali community are making efforts to collect goods for people living in the flood affected areas.

Individuals too are doing such efforts in collecting goods to be sent to particular centers which will be further sent to Kerala. Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-Together (ANHLGT) is collecting goods like clothes, biscuits, sanitary pads, grains etc. at its office located at the Municipal Corporation Community Hall in Sector-23.

President of ANHLGT, Cicily Kodiyan, who has started the organization, said, “We want to do something for people there. Hence, we are asking for contribution in any form at our office. We are basically asking for the stuffs which are required by women. We are also meeting people at their homes to talk on this subject. We request them to come forward and support.”

NGOs like Choti Si Khushi, Dwarka Hello Moms and others are also carrying campaign to support the people in Kerala. RWAs and groups of likeminded people inside the societies are also doing their efforts by setting up camps to collect goods for flood affected people in Kerala.

On Sunday, a collection camp was set up at Katyayani Apartments in Sector-6 with the support of management and the residents. At the camp, people from other societies like UF Apartments, Hanimen Apartments, ID Apartments too participated and donated for the cause.

Secretary of Katyayani Apartments, RN Yadav said, “We often do such activities to help the people affected from natural calamity. Earlier, we did it for West Bengal and we are now doing it for Kerala.”

People, who are basically from Kerala and now living in Dwarka, are carrying a campaign on WhatsApp groups to make communities aware about the subject. They are also requesting people to come forward for the help. They are also sharing the photographs of the affected areas from where they belong.

President of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Sector-22, Rejimon CK is also from Kerala. He is busy in spreading the message and joining hands with people to support the people living in flood affected areas. He is helping his family members living in Kerala on individual capacity.

He shared some photographs of his house in village Thalayolaparambu, Vaikom Taluk. He showed how bad the condition was in July and how bad it is this time.

He said, “I am in regular touch with my family members and the villagers. We are doing what we are capable of. They have a tough task ahead and that is to fight against the many problems after the flood. Currently, the rescue works are going on. Then, there will be rehabilitation. Further, they have to deal with epidemic and reconstruction.”

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