Dwarka: After stabbing 7 puppies, killer lays out the bodies in a pattern...

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Aug 20, 2018

In a horrific incident, the bodies of seven puppies were found on the premises of Kargil Apartments in Sector 18, Dwarka. The bodies were laid out in a pattern in front of the community centre, prompting a few residents to say that such an act could only be the work of a "psychopath".

The incident has left residents livid, and many are now worried by the presence of such a cold-blooded perpetrator on the campus.

The bodies show clear stab wounds.  

The residents took the bodies for post-mortem at a veterinary hospital, and filed a complaint at the police station of Dwarka North. 

Resident Hema Meel, a dog lover who has been at the spot since morning, shared, “This is a very unfortunate incident. We are shocked to see the killings. It must be investigated.”

She also posted the incident with photographs on Twitter and Facebook.

The incident, dog lovers claim, has raised questions on the safety and security of the society, as a person who could perpetrate such atrocity could do the same to anybody else.

Pratibha Singh, another resident, said, “To our horror, the killer decorated the dead bodies. You can well imagine this is the work of a psychotic person. We want the killer to be caught, as we are now scared for ourselves too.”

Ambika Chauhan, another dog lover, opined,  “To not like dogs doesn't mean you kill them. We are scared now.” 

When City Spidey contacted the ACP of Dwarka, he said the matter is under investigation.

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