PHOTO KATHA: Potholes, potholes everywhere... not a patch to walk!

Posted: Aug 22, 2018

If one were to count the number of potholes on the roads and crossings of Dwarka, the sub-city could very well earn the sobriquet of "the city of potholes". There are potholes in almost every sector, and some of them have been there for as long as a year now.                        

The careless attitude of Delhi Development authority (DDA) and the rains have further added to the mess.

Bikers have been the worst affected. The situation becomes alarming especially at night when low visibility adds to commuters’ woes.

Recently, the DDA had carried out filling of some of the potholes, but the numbers were few. They had used debris for it, which came out in a few days making things worse. Residents have been complaining to the authorities but the DDA is yet to act.

Speaking to City Spidey, Chief Engineer of DDA, RK Singh, said that he would look into the matter and carry out the repair work soon.


The pothole at Shakti Chowk in Sector 6


The slip road at Ashirvad Chowk


The entire stretch in front of Gauri Ganesh CGHS and Balaji CGHS in Sector 3 is lined with potholes


Potholes in front of Youngsters Apartments in Sector 6


These potholes at a crossing in Sector 4 have been a permanent feature for the past two years


The road at the signal near Dwarka International School in Sector 4


In front of Surya Apartments in Sector 6

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