New Basai-II water treatment plant to address water shortage in Gurgaon

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By City Spidey
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Posted: Aug 23, 2018

The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has decided to set up a new water treatment plant, Basai-II, in Sector-101 to meet the city’s water demand. As per the Master Plan -2021, the city’s water demand is expected to grow to approximately 200 million gallons daily (MGD) by 2020.

The population of the city is expected to rise to 35 lakh people by the year 2020.

The GMDA executive engineer Sandeep Dahiya said that the water demand in the city is expected to grow to 368 MGD by 2031. He apprised that 94 MGD of water will be procured through the recycled water.

“Right now, the GMDA is supplying 126 MGD treated water from Basai-I and Chandu Budhera plants. Out of this, 10 to 15 MGD is recycled water,” added Dahiya.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had asked the GMDA to make an estimation of the groundwater extraction and also improve the canal water supply. At that time, the GMDA had also allotted the tender for Basai-II.

Out of the total 126 MGD water supply to the city, Basai water treatment plant and Chandu Budhera plant supplies 60 MGD and 66 MDG respectively. These plants are supplied raw water from the Western Yamuna canal in Sonepat via the Gururgam Water Supply (GWS) channel and the NCR channel.

The new Basai-II plant is being constructed on 77 acres of land adjacent to the present Basai plant. The new plant will supply water to people living in the old city areas of Laxman Vihar, Ashok Vihar, Model Town, New Colony and Sectors 1 to 23, among others.

“Basai-II will supply 20MGD to areas in the old city. When Basai-II is completed by 2020, water from the Chandu Budhera plant will be diverted to the new sectors along the Dwarka Expressway,” said Dahiya.

The city faces acute water supply every summer. Now, with the new plant, the situation is expected to improve.

“There is a major distribution fault in water supply and the authority should fix that problem. The tanker mafia is operating in strong nexus who rupture, damage and create deliberate problems in the water distribution lines,” Yashesh Yadav, president Aura RWA said, adding that the administration is well aware of the problem.

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