Voting to decide if life and founder members of FONRWA can contest election
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Voting to decide if life and founder members of FONRWA can contest election

FONRWA constitutes a five-member committee that will decide the fate of members via secret voting on September 16.

Voting to decide if life and founder members of FONRWA can contest election

The Federation of Noida RWAs (FONRWA) on Thursday said that it will hold a secret voting on September 16 to decide on the rights of its life and founder members to contest and vote for elections at the federation. A committee of five members has also been formed that will oversee the entire voting process and make sure that it is conducted in a fair manner.

Speaking to City Spidey, NP Singh, President of FONRWA listed out the selected members of the committee — AN Dhawan, Secretary General of FONRWA, KK Jain, Vijay Bhati, SP Chauhan and Vimal Sharma, RWA president of Sector-50.

“Some members have objected that our founder and life members should not be allowed to contest for any of the elections at FONRWA or even participate in the voting process. However, we want them to participate in each and every election,” Singh said.

Singh further added that the federation is prepared to go by the results of the voting. “Whatever the members decide, we will go by it. However, any amendment of the by-laws requires that it has to be agreed upon by three-fifth votes of the members present.”

Only the eligible members of FONRWA will be permitted to participate in the voting. The eligible members have also been requested to bring with them their photo identity cards.

On the other hand, some members are not happy with the committee members selected. “The present body of FONRWA has elected their close members into the committee. The elected members are themselves life and founder members, so how can they conduct a fair voting?” said Sharma. “They should resign before September 16 and then conduct the voting process.”

Sharma also alleged that he was included in the committee just to prove that there would be no partiality in the voting process. “FONRWA has 206 members and they recently decided that any new RWA that joins in is not eligible to vote. Only the old RWA members can vote. This is absolutely wrong,” Sharma added.

Speaking on these allegations, Singh said that everything would be decided in a fair manner. “There is no doubt in our minds that the voting would be done in a fair manner.”