GYHA residents submit demands in front of Aawas Vikas Parishad after lot of tiff

By Ashish Srivastava
Photo: Ashish Srivastava
Posted: Aug 26, 2018

The residents of Ganga Yamuna Hindon Apartments (GYHA) on Saturday went to the Aawas Vikas Parishad’s guest house in Vasundhara to submit their demands to the commissioner Ajay Chauhan. But, they were only successful in doing so after a lot of tiff.

In the 2-hour long meeting which started late in the evening, residents discussed various issues related to high TDS water supply, security threat in society’s premises and unavailability of Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) in the lifts.

“These are only few of the issues that we face regularly,” said Avishek Kumar Singh, resident of GYHA to City Spidey.

Residents complained that since the time they shifted in the society in 2016, they are being forced to use water with the TDS value of more than 2,500. “We filter it for drinking but we are forced to use it in other chores,” said the resident Yatendra Nagar.

Residents told City Spidey that Parishad promised to provide treated Ganga water in the society.

When Superintendent Engineer, KA Singhal, was asked this question, he assured that supply of Ganga water will be started in fifteen days.

Commissioner Chauhan also reprimanded Singhal on the matter. “I wonn’t let you retire until you resolve the matter,” he reportedly threatened Singhal. Singhal is due to retire on September 30.

Residents also complained of lack of ARD and automatic power transition to back up power during power cuts.

“The maintenance staff manually shifts the source of power during power cuts. As a result, it takes 30-40 minutes to resume the supply. So, if somebody is in the lift at the time of power cut, he/she gets stranded until the power resumes,” Avishek said.

He also cited an incident happened two days ago where a woman was stuck for 45 minutes in the lift during power cut.

Assistant Engineer Tejinder Pal Singh reportedly told Chauhan that the batteries of all the ARDs were stolen. Singh made the claim despite knowing the fact that maintenance of security is under Parishad’s control.

“Chauhan also seemed to be surprised with the Singh’s statement and asked him to repair it as soon as possible,” said Avishek.

In the end, Chauhan assured the residents to resolve all their problems very soon and asked all the officers present there to monthly report the status of work in GYHA.

The Gaga Yamuna Hindon society is colonised under Siddharth Vihar Yojna of Aawas vikas Parishad and the maintenance of the society is currently under the Parishad’s control.

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