I'puram: AOA, temple committee of ATS Advantage clash over 'keertan' hall


I'puram: AOA, temple committee of ATS Advantage clash over 'keertan' hall

The AOA locked the hall on Sunday, leading to a verbal spat. Police was later called to the scene who advised resolving the matter amicably.

I'puram: AOA, temple committee of ATS Advantage clash over 'keertan' hall

A clash occurred between the temple committee and AOA of ATS Advantage, Ahinsa Khand I, Indirapuram, on Sunday afternoon after the AOA locked the “keertan” hall of the temple located in the society. The AOA alleged its unregulated use by the committee.

Sources told City Spidey that a group of residents, led by a few AOA members, locked the hall which was opposed by the temple committee members. This led to a verbal spat and later the police was also called to the scene.

The arguing members of both the parties were later called to the police station and advised to arrive on a solution amicably.

When contacted, the police confirmed that such an incident happened but refused to divulge any details. Police also did not give any official statement. “The matter is between residents and GDA. I can’t comment on it,” said Sachin Malik, SHO, Indirapuram.

However, the case has attracted the attention of higher authorities as ATS Advantage is home to many ex-bureaucrats and retired IAS officers. Today, Himanshu Gautam, ADM (city), asked Malik to facilitate a peaceful solution between both the parties.

Meanwhile, sources say that the dispute has been going on for several months now. The AOA wants to take control of the hall and implement a pay-per-use model, but the committee is against any such action.

According to the AOA, the hall should come under their control, but the committee says it is not possible as builder has directly given them the hall.

A resident on the condition of anonymity said that the AOA is playing the politics of domination. “The AOA wants to prove its domination and are resorting to these actions without taking the consent of other residents.”

The resident further added that the AOA should have called a general body meeting to take everybody’s opinion into account.

City Spidey got to know that the disputed property was earlier used as sales and marketing office for the project (ATS Advantage). Later, a temple was built adjacent to the office. But once the office got vacated, the temple committee started using it as a place to hold prayers and religious gatherings. For the past two years, the hall is also used by the committee members to organise functions.

City Spidey tried to reach the AOA, but they refused to give any official statement.